Tap Insulation

Of all the ways that you can reduce your energy consumption when it comes to heating and cooling, insulation is the most cost-effective. Without proper insulation, your HVAC has to work overtime to heat and cool your home, which is not only costing you money; it is putting a lot of wear and tear on your entire HVAC system. According to statistics, adding insulation can cut your energy consumption by as much as 40%.

Home Energy Evaluations

The only way to know where your energy consumption falls is to do a home energy evaluation. A home energy audit lets us assess your current usage and make recommendations about how to cut your energy costs. Once we understand your overall home or building energy efficiency, we can implement changes to reduce your energy needs and monthly costs. Insulation is one of the most affordable and lasting ways to cut your carbon footprint, and with the money you will save, it will pretty much pay for itself. Insulation will also help to keep you comfortable year-round by shoring up those places in your home that have drafts and air leaks that heating and cooling simply can’t get to.

Door Test

A blower door test is a reliable way to measure potential home leaks. The way energy is measured is by determining the air infiltration of your home after it is depressurized. We make recommendations to lower your home’s air filtration, which in turn will help to lower your heating and cooling costs. The blower door test uses a smoke stick to identify vulnerabilities in your home where the air is leaking.

Our Insulation Process

Not only is it possible for tiny air leaks to make their way indoors and lower your HVAC energy efficiency; those tiny cracks are also excellent points of entry for pests. Our mission is twofold: to save you monthly utility costs, and to close up areas where pests may be entering. Once we identify where pests and outdoor air are gaining access, we devise a plan to insulate appropriately to keep the great outdoors and its creatures outdoors!

Comprehensive Pest Control With the Advantage of Enhanced Energy Efficiency

At Precision Pest & Home Services, our mission is to provide a barrier of protection against pests and rodents by identifying any places where your dwelling is vulnerable. By thoroughly investigating your home or office, we can devise a treatment plan to tackle our findings from all angles. That means we not only stop pests from making their way in; we help to lower your energy costs and make your home more comfortable both in the hot summer and cold winter weather. Contact us today for a thorough home energy audit!