Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Your commercial business or property is a significant investment, which is why care and maintenance are so important to protect it. Our commercial pest control services are designed to target your specific needs according to your industry, property type, and concerns. For example, Food Service can be a beacon for pests and rodents, and if you don’t have the proper preventative methods in place, it can lead to loss of inventory and damage to your reputation. At Precision Pest & Home Services, we work tirelessly to identify the many ways that insects and rodents gain entry, and remedy any findings so pest and rodent problems are a thing of the past.

Trusted, Safe, Targeted, and Comprehensive Pest Control Services in Charleston, SC

Every commercial property and customer comes with unique circumstances and needs, which is why all of our commercial pest and rodent control plans are comprehensive and targeted. We not only pay close attention to your individual property by investigating thoroughly; we devise a treatment plan to effectively target current pest or rodent issues, then customize a plan to prevent future infestations from happening. Pest and rodent prevention is not a one-and-done process; it is an ongoing process that occurs over time due to conditions, climate, and industry. We tailor these processes to ensure you have a barrier protecting your business for the long term.

Reliability You Can Trust When You Need Us Most!

We understand that when you have a pest control or rodent control issue, you need it addressed immediately, which is why we provide emergency services. Pests and rodents don’t wait to invade and cause problems only during business hours, and we don’t wait to address them at our convenience. When you need us most, we’ll be there!

Custom and Comprehensive Plans

Our Quarterly and Monthly Service Program are targeted and comprehensive to address your unique needs. We have three levels of preventative plans, depending on your requirements. Each plan is meant to take into account things like the seasonal activity of pests in your area and the unique circumstances of your industry. Pest and rodent control is a year-round and meticulous job, which is why it is best to leave it in our trusted hands!

Our Commercial Pest Control and Rodent Control Process

At Precision Pest & Home Services, we have devised a five-step process to identify your pest and rodent issues and then prevent them from being an issue going forward.

Inspection and Identification

Our team of skilled and trained technicians is trained to spot and identify any vulnerabilities for access and signs of activity. Upon arrival, we inspect your property or business from top to bottom. The best way to target and prevent insects and rodents is by evaluating how they are getting in and identifying the elements that attract them. It isn’t good enough to just address your current situation; our mission is to uncover all of the things that can leave your property vulnerable.

Discovery & Proposal

Once we have finished our inspection, we work diligently to create a comprehensive and targeted treatment plan to address our findings effectively. We have many methods and tools at our disposal and always seek to provide the most effective way to protect and eradicate any issues with your commercial building or property. Since no two locations are alike or will have the same needs, our treatment plans are tailored to address all of your unique circumstances.

Customer Communication

At Precision Pest & Home Services, we understand that communication is the key to your experience and satisfaction. We’ll not only walk you through the treatment plan; we’ll also educate you about the ways you can help prevent future infestations and problems. We’ll provide a written proposal that outlines your treatment plan, which encompasses the processes to implement, procedures to eradicate or treat the issues identified, and how you can help in our efforts to keep your commercial property pest-free. During our meeting, we also want to hear your input and concerns to ensure that we are addressing all your needs.


After creating a treatment plan and discussing the plan with you, the next step is implementation. Our team of experienced and trained technicians will get started working and remedying the issues identified previously. They understand the importance of workplace and employee safety and follow strict guidelines as outlined by the EPA and other local organizations.

Documentation and Follow-Ups

We carefully document the services that we provide in full detail. Our records are to ensure that we are providing you with the most comprehensive quality of care and service in the industry. Additionally, our records help to ensure that our procedures and follow-up visits address all of the vulnerabilities that we initially observed.